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Buy or sell Social Media accounts

Fameforsale.com is a reliable marketplace where social media accounts such as instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter and tiktok are transferred through the mediation method , where both the buyer and the seller are protected.

How does it work ?

For our members who want to buy an account, we tried to explain briefly below how Fameforsale.com works ...

Check out listings
Check out listings

List the listings and buy if you find a suitable job.

Pay your fee
Pay your fee

Transfer the price of the ad to the fameforsale.com pool account.

Confirm account
Confirm account

Login to your purchased account, review and confirm

Great! Process done
Great! Process done

After the account is transferred the money is sent to the seller to the seller

We do the security checks and transfer of your purchased account!
Why Fameforsale.com?

Get by checking account

You can login to the account you want to buy before confirming and perform all the checks of the account.

Wage Protection

Until you completely overtake the purchased account, the fee is maintained in the account pool.

Payment methods

Ability to purchase with Credit card , Wire Transfer / EFT , İninal , Skrill and Papara or ability to withdraw money

24/7 Support

You can reach us 24/7 via the support line and whatsapp. We are here for you ...

Instant messaging

Ability to establish fast communication with the account owner or recipient via instant messaging

Verified Data

The information you see in the ad detail is reflected in the detail by checking the account.

Recently added Listings

27.3K instagram account for sale

1 day
48K instagram account for sale

4 day
261.4K instagram account for sale

13 day
10.8K instagram account for sale

14 day
10.6K instagram account for sale

14 day
21.6K instagram account for sale

15 day
14.5K instagram account for sale

21 day
14.7K instagram account for sale

24 day
147.000+ Member

147.000 Great member who sells or is looking for a thousand Accounts

2.000+ Ad

2.000 social media account postings entered so far

10.000+ Bid

Number of offers submitted to one thousand advertisers

780 transfer

Number of account transfers we have performed in the last 30 days


No. All functions such as signing up, posting, sending messages, and bidding on Fameforsale.com are free of charge.
There is no limitation, you can post as many ads as you want for free
You can directly purchase the relevant advertisement by clicking the Buy button in the advertisement detail you like. After clicking the buy button, the system will direct you to the payment page. You can make your payment by credit card, bank transfer / EFT, Papara, Ininal and Skrill. After the payment process, a moderator will be assigned by us for your shopping and will ensure that the advertisement you purchased is delivered to you.
While purchasing an advertisement; You do not pay any extra fees to Fameforsale.com other than the price specified in the advertisement detail.
After our moderator who will manage the shopping is appointed, he will give you the account to check. In addition, he will make the necessary controls in parallel. If you do not like the product during the check, you can cancel the shopping and get back the price you paid * without any deduction.

* Commission fees charged by the bank are not refunded.
For each product sold by the seller; In case of successful completion of the purchase, the following commission is applied. If the service is rejected or canceled by the buyer for any reason, no deduction is applied.